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NEW 3 Gallon Ball Lock Corny Keg - Single Handle

Model: GF_15C07-121


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  • You asked for 'em, you got 'em! These brand new ball lock cornelius kegs hold 3 gallons of your delicious homebrew! Made of high quality stainless steel to operate at a maximum working pressure of 130 PSI, these kegs are NSF certified, ensuring they are up to strict sanitation standards. The kegs have a single metal handle for ease of carrying and pouring, which is great for cleaning and sanitation. The gas and liquid posts are 11/16" size, with universal poppets. The keg lids have a standard pressure relief valve. These kegs are roughly 17 inches tall to the top of the handle, with a diameter of roughly 8.5 inches. These smaller kegs are perfect for doing smaller batches of beer, or splitting 5 gallon batches in order to bottle some and keg the rest. A great little brand new keg, available now!

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