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BCS 50a 3 Elements Kit

Model: EB-50a-BCS-3-2-config


Build yourself a control panel designed to run a RIMS while simultaneously heating either a Kettle or HLT.

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  • Kit design for BCS 460. Features circuit structure to control 2 (upto 5500w) elements and one up to 1500w element, simultaneously, as well as 2 pumps. This panel is recommended for those who wish to build an HLT and Kettle with 240 elements, as well as run an RIMS unit in their process. Updated drawing as of 11/2014 View the wiring schematic HEREKit includes all pieces necessary to build a BCS 460 controlled electric panel with 3 elements of which 2 are 240v and 1 120v, operating 2 simultaneously, and 2 pumps. Kit includes: 12 - LEDs (4 white 220v, 2 white 110v, 4 yellow 110v, 2 blue 110v, 1 red 110v, and 1 green 220v) 1 - Emergency Stop locking push button with NC Contact 6 - 3-Way Switches with NO Contacts for element select and pumps (on-off-auto) 11 - Additional NO Contacts for back of 3 way switches 1 - Key toggle Switch for panel on/off 1 - 63a DIN Contactors w/ 110v Coils to control panel power 3 - 25a DIN Contactors w/ 110v Coils to control elements power 5 - 40a Solid State Relays for BCS control of elements and pumps 1 - Large Heatsink, drilled and tapped 1 meter of DIN rail, cut in either 1/3s (fits enclosure perfectly) or 1/2 30 - Terminal Blocks for wire from 6-24 awg 3 - New style 32a 2 pole DIN Rail Breaker 1 - Old style 16a 2 pole DIN Rail Breaker 1 - New style 6a 1 pole DIN Rail Breaker 8 - Terminal block anchoring ends 4 - Terminal block end covers 4 - Terminal block seperators 3 - Terminal block connecting bridge pieces 1 - Wiring diagram with our recommended design The panel as presently configured, WILL fit in a 16x16x8 control panel enclosure. Updated drawing as of 11/2014 View the wiring schematic HERE
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