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FastFerment Stainless Steel Hop Filter

17 in. (43.2 cm) long

Stainless steel

Works with both 7.9 G & 14 G FastFerments

300 microns

Mesh bottom


Lid Seal for Fermenator, Blichmann Engineering - 7 Gallon

A good seal is a terrible thing to lose, especially on a fermenting vessel; it can mean the difference between a flawless craft beer and an infected mess. The Fermenator Lid Seal creates that perfect seal on Blichmann's Fermenators. These replacement seals are available for the 7, 14.5 and 27 or 42 gallon models (the 27 and 42 gallon models use the same size lid seal), and are good to have on hand in case of an accident. Be prepared with an extra Fermenator Lid Seal!


Collection Ball for FastFerment

Extra collection ball for your FastFerment.


Stand for FastFerment

This sturdy stand allows you to store your FastFerment while not using the default wall mount. Really helpful if you don't have a place to hang your FastFerment on the wall (or if the better half won't let you)! Fermenter sold separately!


Fermenator NPT Fittings Conical Fermentor, Blichmann Engineering - 27 Gallons

The Fermentator is Blichmann Engineering's state-of-the-art line of stainless steel conical fermentors. Available in 7, 14.5, 27 & 42 gallon capacities, the NPT-fitted Fermenators feature standardized 1/2" NPT threads, which are very versatile and will accept any 1/2" NPT fitting. A main selling point of the Blichmann Fermenators versus other brand stainless steel conicals, is their weldless interior fittings. In fact, Blichmann Fermenators are the only interior weld-free fermentors on the market today! These weldless fittings are free of welding ripples which can harbor bacteria and wild yeasts, lending to unsurpassed sanitation and ultimately, better beer! All Fermenators have the following features:

  • Easy to clean weldless fittings, which are fully removeable from the fermentor. Removable fittings can be taken off and taken apart in order to be fully cleaned and sanitized. You could even autoclave these parts if you so desired! Easy, effective cleaning ensures a lowered chance of bacterial infection and a longer life for the fermentor.
  • The stainless steel design is perfect for cleaning and sanitation! Get the sanitary edge on scratchable plastics and breakable glass.
  • Bottom dump valve where trub can be dumped or your yeast harvested; something that is impossible with traditional homebrew equipment.
  • A rotating racking arm that not only allows you take gravity samples, but also helps you to cleanly and efficiently transfer your beer into kegs or bottling equipment. The arm can be rotated with the flow of the liquid, allowing you to avoid drawing unwanted hops during racking.
  • A pressurizable fermentor body allows for CO2 to create a pumping effect, allowing beer to be racked up to six feet above the fermentors into kegs. Never use an auto-siphon again!
  • Convenient lid hatch on the top allows for ease of access to beer for adding dry hops, oak, or other flavoring agents, as well as pitching yeast.
  • Excellent for wine fermentation too! The Fermenator is superior to many variable capacity fermentors available to home vintners due to its seals and its quality of being completely impervious to oxygen. While variable capacity fermentors rely on a tube and bicycle pump design for secondary fermentation which can lose pressure over time, Blichmann's patented design keeps fermenting wine free of oxygen and the possibility of bacterial contaminants.
  • Bolted leg construction ensures sturdiness, even when full of your delicious beer!
  • A beaded seal on the fermentor lid ensures an extra layer of protection from depressurization, creating a superior seal on the fermentor body.
  • Folding handles allow easy movement of empty fermentors.
  • Ultra low-profile design allows the Fermenator to sit easily into home refrigerators and freezers for fermentation temperature control, thus saving hundreds or thousands of dollars on separate temperature control systems
  • Leg pads ensure safe movement without scratching of equipment and surfaces.


Racking Arm Assembly for Blichmann Fermenator - 1/2 in.

Replacement racking arm assembly for your Blichmann Fermenator. Choose the correct size based on the type of Fermenator you have:

  • 7 & 14 gallon NPT models = 3/8 in. racking arm (BE-000132-00)
  • All Tri-Clamp models and the 27 & 42 gallon NPT models = 1/2 in. racking arm (BE-000127-00)


Carrying Strap for FastFerment

Carrying a full FastFerment can be quite a task, so save your back (and your kitchen floor) with this handy strap. Makes carrying your FastFerment MUCH easier!


Capacity Extension for Fermenator, Blichmann Engineering - 14.5 to 26 Gallons Gross

By popular demand! Blichmann Engineering has developed these extensions for the Fermenator. These expansions are available for their three largest sized Fermenators, greatly expanding their capacities, and therefore, your fermentation power! By simply adding these modular extensions to your existing Fermenator unit, you can increase your batch sizes and produce more beer in a single fermentation session. Three extension units are available: one that expands the 14.5 gallon Fermenator to a 26 gallon capacity fermentor, one that expands the 27 gallon Fermenator to a 42 gallon fermentor, and a third that can be used on either the 27 gallon Fermenator to increase its size to 63 gallons, or on the 42 gallon Fermenator to increase its capacity to an amazing 80 gallons! Made using the same high quality 304 stainless steel that has become synonymous with Blichmann, these expansions fit easily into place where the stainless lid normally would fit, raising height and expanding available fermentation room. No need to buy a whole new conical fermentor, Great Fermentations and Blichmann Engineering have you covered. Do even bigger batches by adding a capacity extension today!


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