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GrogTag Reusable Basic Bottle Label, 24 pk.

GrogTags are reusable labels for your bottles. Basic Bottle Labels come with the GrogTag Logo and a label that is divided into a few boxes where pertinent beer information can be recorded. You can write on these labels with crayon, and then wash and reuse them on another bottle in the future. Pretty cool!

GrogTag also has customizable labels through their web sites, Stylish and functional, the basic bottle labels are reusable and make a great choice for labeling all your homemade beverages! Use the promocode "GreatFermentations" during checkout on GrogTag's site for a discount!


Growler on Board

Never have your growlers roll around your car while you drive again! The Growler on Board is a foam rubber stand that accomodates up to three full growlers at a time. This sits comforably on a seat or in your trunk, providing an excellent, stable surface for your precious growlers. A great gift for anyone who is always filling and transporting growlers!


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