Pecan Doppelbock

Fall is just around the corner, so it's time to start planning those late October and November beers. Picture yourself in cooler weather, in the southern states you might be hanging out outside on your patio with friends and family and in the north you're starting to get bundled up and cozy by the fire. What kind of beer did you have in your hand? I usually brew a Porter this time of year, but this year I'm switching it up and trying a Dark Lager and to go even further I'm throwing in some Texas roasted pecans. I am calling this one the Mischievous Squirrel. This is a strong Bavarian style Doppelbock that will warm you up pre-winter.

As a homebrewer you really get in tune with the seasons and changing weather. Make sure you are brewing a style that you and others will enjoy too. I chose a Doppelbock because of it's rich full-bodied carmel malty flavor, blanketed light hop aroma with a light ruby-hazed color. This style with the pecan addition just screams Thanksgiving to me.

In the traditional German way of the style, you would do a decoction mash, but I chose a step mash instead. I've tried decoction mashing in the past and it results in a great beer, but you get relatively the same result with a step mash and for the homebrewer it is not as involved as dealing with multiple kettles of mash. I'll let larger breweries tackle the decoction stuff while I brew a second batch.

Let's talk yeasties. You need a BIG pitch for a Doppelbock whether you are using vials, smack packs or using your own harvested yeast and starter, make sure its big and aerate your wort well before the pitch. A final note is about the diacetyl levels. Remember to do a diacetyl rest for two days at 65F before you rack into secondary.

A few good places to find Pecans online are at and

Pecan Doppelbock - All Grain

Batch size 6.5 gallons
Boil size 8.2 gallons
Boil time 90 minutes
Grain weight 21.5 pounds
Efficiency 75%
Original gravity 1.090
Final gravity 1.022
Alcohol (by volume) 9.0%
Bitterness (IBU) 28
Color (SRM) 10.3°L
8 liquid packs
Bavarian Lager

21.5 pounds
British 2-row Pale
    37ppg, 2.5°L
14 pounds
German munich
    35ppg, 8°L
6 pounds
    36ppg, 25°L
1 pound
    33ppg, 1.5°L
0.5 pounds

4 ounces
Hallertauer hops
    5%, Pellet
4 ounces

Step Mash
90 minutes, 11.6 gallons
Protein Rest
    Target 125°F
8.1 gallons
30 minutes (+0)
Saccrification Rest
    Target 153 °F
60 minutes (+30)
    Target 168°F
3.5 gallons

90 minutes, 8.2 gallons
Hallertauer hops
    5%, Pellet
1.5 ounces
90 minutes (+0)
Hallertauer hops
    5%, Pellet
1 ounce
45 minutes (+45)
Irish Moss 2 tsp.
15 minutes (+75)
Hallertauer hops
    5%, Pellet
1.5 ounces
10 minutes (+80)

49 days @ 46-58°F
Rack to secondary 35 days (+14)

  • Diacetyl rest for two days at 65F before secondary
  • 1 cup roasted crushed pecan during protein rest
  • 2 cup roasted crushed pecan during saccrification rest
  • Aerate well
  • Primary 50F
  • Secondary 45F


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