How to Homebrew: All-Grain

Check out our diagram of the all-grain homebrew process. There are many different styles and methods for all-grain brewing, but this is one of the most common for the hobby. All-Grain home brewing is a bit more complex than brewing with extracts and you will need more equipment than what you use for extract brewing. Instead of using malt extract, you are going to make your own extract from malted barley and other grains. What are the advantages of this? For one thing, it allows you more control over the malt profile of your beer and most all of the malt profile and taste is derived from that extract. You can brew great extract beers, but if you want full control over the malt profile of your beer, and you should, then all grain brewing is the way to go.

The All-Grain Homebrew Process

Water, Malt, Hops, Water
Hot Liquor Tank, Mash, Steep, Sparge
Boil, Chill, Aerate, Primary Fermentation
Secondary Fermentation, Bottle, Keg, Age, Enjoy

What is Home Brewing?

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